1. Initiate: Company Analysis and Profile Definition

  • Introductory meeting with key executives to gain a strong understanding of your organization, structure, strategy, culture and goals.
  • Understand your leadership requirements and expectations for the newly hired executive. 
  • Prepare and create a position profile of the role with your input. 

2. Identify: Candidate Development

  • Identify candidates utilizing existing data, extensive research, and The IMC Group's network.
  • Approach the best qualified candidates and gain a better understanding of their current situation, career aspirations and measure culture fit.
  • Engage in professional and focused dialogue about the opportunity, constantly measuring their interest level.

3. Assess:  Evaluation and Interview

  • Conduct in-depth interviews to determine qualifications, leadership characteristics, personal chemistry, and compatibility.
  • Present opportunity with confidentiality and discretion.
  • Develop and present a short-list of candidates. 
  • Facilitate client interviews and debrief with full disclosure of both the client and candidates interests and concerns.
  • Candidate communication and recruitment continues.

4. Deliver: Candidate Selection and Compensation Negotiation

  • Work closely with you to develop an offer that the candidate will accept.
  • Conduct negotiations on your behalf with the benefits of impartiality. 
  • Complete thorough reference checks for a balanced perspective with written reference reports.

5. Conclude: Resignation and Onboarding

  • Work closely with candidates to manage a successful disengagement process and potential counteroffers with their current employer.
  • Stay in close communication to ensure smooth transition and onboarding.